【GIATEX】24" Stretching Bike Portable Bicycle Compact Bike 27 Speed / Frame Adjustable - Mat Black

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OX 240 E
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  • Size:24"
  • Age:Adult
  • Gender:Unisex

Key Features

【GIATEX】24" Stretching Bike Portable Bicycle Compact Bike 27 Speed / Frame Adjustable - Mat Black

Giatex bike don't fold but more rigid and stable.

"Stretching Is Better" allows everyone to share the same bike.
The wheel base of GATEX bike frame is adjustable to fit everyone.
It's a family bike, have fun for family cycling!

【Our Mission】
Giatex is out to change the way that we think about folding bicycles. Giatex bicycle is not only a folding bicycle 
but rather a stretching bicycle. For the last 90 years, most folding bicycles were designed the same way – at 
some point, compromise the strength/integrity of the frame by cutting it in two and rejoining it with an 
expensive hinge. The Giatex frame, on the other hand, telescopes inwards and outwards with no hinges 
required improving the versatility and rigidity of the frame at a fraction of the cost. At Giatex, we think that it’s 
time to move away from folding bicycle technology nearly a century old and start the new millennium with fresh thinking and a better design.

‧ Safe
‧ High performance
‧ Save space
‧ Folded in seconds
‧ Great comfort
‧ Great Flexibility

‧ 24" *24" *(H) 18.5"
‧ Alloy Frame
‧ FSA integrated BB & chain wheel
‧ Micro shift 27 speed
‧ Folding size: 115cm*25cm*60cm
  (take off front wheel)
‧ Weight : 13KG


‧ 1 year limited warranty.
‧ Buyers should pay for shipping fees.

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